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Welcome to Leave the Middle Class! This site is dedicated to helping people improve their lives by generating passive income. Allow me to introduce myself.

Meet Nate

I am a happily married father of a young son. After high school I setAbout Nate off to college like many graduates to; my goal was to become a teacher so I could share my love for math. Well, the economy changed my major so I transitioned into engineering where I completed my degree before going into industry for the last 12 years.

My wife and I live comfortably, but we both have to work to make it comfortable. With our son coming into our lives, our priorities have changed. This means one of us is going to need to cut back on work in order to be more available to our son. That makes our comfortable life much less comfortable.

So I Began Looking For Solutions

My wife and I decided that she would be the one cutting back on work so we started looking for ways to off-set the loss of income. During the research, I learned that being an engineer is both a blessing and a curse. Every potential solution I could find I would run through a technical review.

Turns out, there isn’t much out there that I can technically get behind. Every idea to help me earn money would either cost too much or wouldn’t pay back quickly enough to make it worth it.

But I Finally Found It

I stumbled across the world of affiliate marketing. The only thing that I couldn’t get past was the need to blog…This goes against pretty much every reason I had to go into engineering…I am not really fond of writing.

At this point, you are asking why I would be doing it. Well, if you find the right subject then it doesn’t feel like writing. Yes, I type at my computer, but I am writing about something I enjoy and it really makes it easy to produce.

So I Decided to Share What I Found

Once I came across affiliate marketing, I learned that it is a broad subject that anybody can participate in. All it takes is time and effort and someone can become an affiliate marketer. Effort is the easy ingredient to come up with as you know what the end goal is. Time is a little more difficult as there is never enough.

Another reason to share is because I love helping people. Everyone can use some extra money which means everyone could use affiliate marketing. I was reading an article that explained how in the United States, the wealthy are separating themselves from the middle class. More surprisingly, the middle class and below make-up around 80% of the population.

Shocking Right? So Why This Website

Well, there are many resources out there to help people make money. The goal of this website is to show how you can generate additional income for you or your family. Not only that, but you can generate that income using very little of your limited money.

With some effort, time, and a little money you could be generating passive income. This website will show you how and help you move out of the class you are in and into the next.

Good luck on your journey to more income. Comment below on your success or with questions or email me at nate.thomas@leavethemiddleclass.com.

Nate Thomas

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