Affiliate Marketing Expectations – Can I Get Rich Quick?

My focus here is to show you ways to grow your income. Affiliate Marketing ExpectationsOne way is through affiliate marketing, but you are probably wondering can I get rich quick?

That was the same question I asked myself before going in to affiliate marketing. Before I can answer that, we have to define a few things.

The Definition of Quick – Your Definition

Per Merriam-Webster, quick means acting or capable of acting with speed. So that didn’t clear things up for me, but maybe it helped you. Here is my definition of quick… done within a defined time frame.

That means you have to ask yourself when you want to begin achieving your goals. I will tell you right now that if your definition of quick is within a couple of days or even weeks then affiliate marking will probably not help you get rich quick. If you do find something that helps you achieve that, please email me at

For me, I defined quick as a three step process:

  1. Earn some commission within the first 3 months
  2. Start generating consistent commission within the first 6 months
  3. Replace my salary within the first year

Those seemed “quick” enough for me once I researched what affiliate marketing was. It takes some work to really build your niche website into something that can generate income.

Now we have established quick, but what is rich?

Bentley or No Car Payment – What Is Rich?

Rich can be defined in many ways. If you are like me then wanting to leave the middle class means that you want to become debt free and live comfortably.

Affiliate Marketing ExpectationsJust being debt free does not help you leave the middle class, but it makes it much easier to make your money go further. Rather than dig through the dictionary again, let me give you my definition of rich… debt free and not needing to watch my budget.

Would I like a nice expensive car? Yes, who wouldn’t. How about a bigger house with a lot of land? Sure, it would be nice. Remember my definition of quick. I want to replace my salary. So how would that make me rich?

First, I will use the commissions I earn to pay off my debt (school loans, mortgage, car payment, etc.). That right there would be a pretty big raise as it cuts out about half of my monthly spending. Second, I would search for ways to generate income that don’t require me to be on call 24/7… maybe own a franchise. Anything that gives me a little more freedom to be my own boss.

At the end of the day, you need to ask yourself what is rich? Here are a few questions to help you better define rich:

  • How much more do I need to earn each month to live comfortably?
  • If I pay off my debt will that get me to where I need?
  • What extra do I want to be able to afford?

Now that we have defined rich and quick, what comes next?

So Get Rich Quick? – It Is All About Perspective

If you are looking to instantly get out of your struggles then, I must admit, affiliate marketing is probably not where you want to start. As far as I have found through countless searches, you can win the lottery or pick the right team in a wager to get rich in an instant.

Since the odds are stacked against you in both of those options they may not be what you are looking for. Personally, I still try the lottery (with no success), but I stopped wagering when I realized that I NEVER picked right. It took me some time to come to the realization that my definition of quick and rich were not achievable.

So I redefined them as you read above. With those new definitions, I set out to find a way to generate some income. That brought me to affiliate marketing where I quickly learned that I am still betting, but I am betting on myself and my drive…

Affiliate Marketing – Experience Counts

I will admit that I am still new into my affiliate marketing journey, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen many success stories. Where my journey began (and still continues) is at Wealthy Affiliate. I won’t go into great detail about Wealthy Affiliate because I have already written a post about it.

What I will add here is that there are people from 14 up to at least 80 that are trying affiliate marketing. Some are doing it because they want to pass time and some are there to make money. Depending on the affiliate programs you are involved with, I have seen people post five figure months.

As I said, I am still early in my journey, but so far I am reaching my goals. I did earn some commission in the first three months, but it was here are there. I am building up to that 6 month goal of consistent commission and will keep you posted.

Affiliate Marketing Expectations

Affiliate Marketing Expectation – What’s Next

For more detail on affiliate marketing, here is a post explaining it in more detail. If you don’t feel like reading a bunch more, here is the general summary of what you can expect if you start affiliate marketing.

Writing… Lots of Writing

Do not let this scare you off. I am about as stereotypical of an engineer as you can find. The reason I chose engineering was so I could take the minimal amount of writing classes. So how did I then become an affiliate marketer. I found a subject I love (beer) and began writing. Turns out it is easier than I thought.

Website Design… Not As Scary As It Sounds

Another aspect that I had never done (or really cared to do). Turns out to be a pretty simple task one you start writing. The training at Wealthy Affiliate is detailed enough to help you build a great website, but not too difficult to understand. So far, I have created this website and another about all things beer.

Money… Doesn’t Take Much

The real reason I went to Wealthy Affiliate was the price… you can get started for free! You can even add affiliate links (the way you earn commission) for free. The only downside is the free training will get you started. From there it will cost you only if you decide to upgrade.

How To Make It Happen

Still interested in affiliate marketing? It will take some work, but you can start earning money without spending a dime. If I haven’t made it clear, I would recommend going to Wealthy Affiliate if you want to start affiliate marketing. Sign up through the link below and get started.

<<< Click Here To Get Started Affiliate Marketing >>>

Another benefit of Wealthy Affiliate is the community. There are tons of knowledgeable people who can help answer your questions. You will already have a head start as the owners will link to you when you join. It will also link me and I can either help or introduce you to people who can.

If you have another platform, want any questions answered, or just want someone to talk to about affiliate marketing, comment below or email me at



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