What Is A Keyword Tool – How To Create A Blog Post

In my journey to leave the middle class I have jumped straight in to affiliate marketing. After a couple of training courses I found myself wondering what is a keyword tool and how does that help me.

Well, it turns out that keywords are the main driver to getting your website noticed by people on the internet. So let’s begin with the first definition that will help us learn about keywords.

Keyword – Introduce Yourself To The World

Let’s start with my favorite place to help me define things… Merriam-Webster dictionary.

What is a keyword tool

This time, I have to admit that they did a pretty good job of defining it. A keyword is exactly as they explained, it is a word that is used to describe your post. This is what you will be known for when people find you on the internet by searching Google for your content.

So every time you create content for your website, you will use a keyword to help define your post for the different search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)…

So I Make a Post Based on 1 Word?

This is where the term keyword can be misleading. In most cases, you want to use a phrase instead of a keyword with only one word. So what do I mean by this?

Well, let’s say we want to enjoy some quality brews. Head over to Google and search beers. Here is a description of what I found when I did that:

  • First, at the top of the page it says about 1,350,000,000 results… Over a BILLION results!!!
  • Second, I see a map showing where I can get beers near me
  • Finally, the Wikipedia page shows up

That tells me if I were to create something using the keyword beers then I would have a lot of competition. Now let’s search for “drink great beers”. That is our goal anyway, to enjoy quality brews. So what do I see now?

  • First, we are down to 87,300,000 results. Still a lot, but significantly less than searching just beers.
  • Second, the map and Wikipedia page are replaced by only a post from Men’s Health.

So are you as confused as I was? Let me further explain how this helps you… and we will get to the keyword tool.

Long Tailed Keywords – A Sentence

Who would think to use a sentence for a keyword? Think about how you search the internet… do you type in one word or usually ask a question? Let’s take an example from this website. If you have clicked around, you would notice that I find affiliate marketing to be a viable way to earn additional income.

Let’s say you start a website and for your first post you want to use the keyword “affiliate marketing”. Head over to Google and search for your keyword… what do you see?

What is a keyword tool

The above picture shows there are 366 million matches to your search. Doesn’t seem reasonable that your 1 out of 366 million is going to get found by people. So now let’s change our keyword to “affiliate marketing expectations”. This makes sense as something someone would type.

Rather than add the image, I will tell you that by adding one word to my “keyword” it has limited the amount of matches to just under 17 million. I did just that for one of the posts here and you will find it on page 5 (top 50) as of this writing. That is about 10 days after it was originally posted!

By adding more words to my “keyword”, this also means there are more options for Google to find my post. Here are some searches where Google could find me

  • Affiliate marketing – I still cover the broader keyword
  • Marketing expectations – Has 274 million matches, but I am one potential

That pretty much covers what a keyword is for the purposes of your upcoming blog posts. So how do you come up with good long-tailed keywords?

Finding Your Keyword – Let Google Tell You

I admittedly struggled with this concept. I try to minimize my words so this goes against everything I have done. So how did I do it? Well, first I needed training. Here is my review of the training I used (for the record, I love the training and see the value).

Through the training you will learn about a method they call “Alphabet Soup”. This is great and simple to do. How does it work?

  1. Open a Google search and type “affiliate marketing” What is a keyword tool
  2. Put a space after marketing and the letter “a”
  3. Check out the keywords that people have searched

You see some questions about salaries, articles, and amazon. The Amazon program is a pretty good one, especially for those just starting out.

Now that you have some ideas of finding keywords by letting Google tell you what people search for. The next step is determining if they are good keywords.

Jaaxy – The Keyword Test

If you decide to do your training with Wealthy Affiliate then Jaaxy is included, but let me explain how Jaaxy can help you succeed. Doing my alphabet soup test to find a good keyword, I am debating between two

  • Affiliate marketing business plan
  • Affiliate marketing business model

Not a huge difference, but we are looking for high volume and low competition when we select a keyword. Here is what Jaaxy gives as a result.

What is a keyword tool

What does that tell you? There are really 2 columns that you want to look at… the first is QSR this will give you an idea of the competition on the internet. The second is AVG which is the average number of searches per month. When you look at the above image, the business model keyword seems like the best bet because of the amount of searches. When really, the lower competition one will be more beneficial to you.

Why is fewer searches better? Well, less competition will allow you to be ranked more highly. If you try for a high traffic and high competition keyword you may get noticed, but there are many other options to choose from. Here are the Google search results for the two keywords:

  • Affiliate marketing business plan – 110 million matches
  • Affiliate marketing business model – 294 million matches

So your odds of being found are twice as good with the plan.

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Your Next Steps – Where To Go

I currently use Wealthy Affiliate for my training (here is a more detailed description). It has taught me everything I have learned to this point, and if you join we will be connected so I can pass on any more information I have. If you just want to go at it solo, I highly recommend Jaaxy to help you find solid keywords. Either way, if you are looking to gain some additional income I find affiliate marketing to be a relatively low cost and low risk way to try.

If you have any comments or questions please let me know below or email me at nate.thomas@leavethemiddleclass.com.



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