What Is A Niche & How To Choose One

If you have done any research around affiliate marketing then you areWhat is a niche probably wondering what is a niche. This is really a fancy way of saying focus area. Keep reading to learn more about niches.

Breakdown of a Niche

A niche is what you will build your website around. Every website on the internet is built around a niche and here are a couple example from my current bookmarks:

  • CNN – Their niche is the news. Anything happening in the world should be covered here
  • ESPN – Sports…anything and everything sports. This is a subset of news (I can get that on CNN too), but they are ultra focused on sports.
  • Amazon – Shopping niche. They are pretty broad, but look how they started. Their selected niche was books. Once they grew into a trusted book website they began branching out.

So that gives you an idea of some niches and how they will work on your website. Now let’s dive in to selecting a niche.

Picking Your NicheWhat is a niche

Now you have a couple examples of what a niche is. How would one go about selecting a niche? Well, it is best to start with some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is there something are you passionate about?
  • What do you search for on the internet?
  • Do you have any hobbies?
  • When people think of me they think of _____

Starting with those four simple questions will help you to get to a niche. Think of it this way, if you have ever searched for something on the internet then someone else has probably also searched for it.

Usually, there is far too much time spent deciding on a niche. Some things that may help alleviate your worries.

I Think I Have A Good Niche

From those four questions you probably have a couple of ideas of niches. Remember, the internet is large and someone out there is probably searching for answers in that same niche. Why not be the one to give them the answers they are searching for?

Before you finalize your decision, here are a couple of other areas to help narrow down your choices to what you are going to start with:

  • Target Audience: Who are you trying to get? This will help guide your writing style and website layout.
  • Availability of Information: Is there a lot of information already on the internet? Some niches are tougher to break in with (like the news), if you can think of a couple search terms then you can always test in Google.

Now that you have done a little research, how do you use your niche to make money?

What is a niche

Applying Your Niche To Make Money

So we have a niche picked out. What are the next steps?

  1. Decide how you will deliver your niche. This can be through email, website creation, and other forms of communication that I am not too familiar with yet.
  2. Create content for your niche. Regardless of how you deliver it, you will have to communicate your knowledge.
  3. Monetize your niche. There are many affiliate programs out there that you can use to help monetize your niche. I will be walking you through some of them in future posts.

Relatively straight forward and nice, right? Three steps to making money…

Deliver Your Niche

What is a nicheMy preferred way is through creation of a website. Email marketing has its place, but you are here looking for ways to generate income. If you build a website then people will find your site and you are then generating passive income.

Overwhelmed by the thought of creating a website? Well, the good news is there are people out there that are willing to teach you. I use Wealthy Affiliate to create this site and another one. My internet knowledge wasn’t much more than being able to search and find what I needed.

If you are still interested in delivering your niche through a website, here is my review of Wealthy Affiliate. You can also skip the review for now as we keep going…

Create Content for Your Niche

This is where I was first hesitant about starting affiliate marketing. I absolutely despise writing so why would I want to start a blog. Well, I am still getting over that, but the ends justify the means.

By that I mean it is really simple to talk about something you enjoy (for me that is beer). The next step was trying to make money from my love of beer. So how did I get to writing about beer?

Well, I hate to keep coming back to it, but Wealthy Affiliate really helped explain the process. Their process made sense to my over-analytical engineer brain. I have actually enjoyed blogging and then watching people visit my website.

We still haven’t gotten to you making money yet. The process to really get traction on your website will take about 3 to 6 months. Once you do get traction though, you will start to see some income being generated.

What is a niche

Monetize Your Niche

Now we have the website created and content on it. Where does the money come from? Pretty simply, your website and the content serve as advertising for other companies. You can find affiliate programs most everywhere for about every niche.

The amount of commission varies by program, but the potential is there. Here are a couple of examples from programs I have found:

  • Say you review a book that costs $15. You link to an affiliate program for a user to purchase the book. They give you 6% commission when the book is purchased…Viola, you have earned $0.90.
  • What about a high end workout machine that costs $1000…same commission (6%) will give you $60.00

The options are out there and you really have no limits to the possibilities.

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What Are You Going To Do?

Now you know what a niche is, how to select it, and the possibilities of making money off of it. You can read the review of Wealthy Affiliate or click on the link to the right. Either way, that is the best way I have found to make some money by doing something I enjoy.

If you have any questions or other ways to monetize your niche, please comment below or email me at nate.thomas@leavethemiddleclass.com.



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